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Does the price include VAT?

Indicated the price of the work is for the physical persons (the public) usually the final total. If the customer is a legal person (company), the calculation of VAT is based on the agreement with the contractor, depending on whether the contractor and the customer are VAT payers or non-payers.
The price of the material is indicated; with VAT.

Is the price listed including the material?

It is NOT, the price is listed only for work (manual work). The material must be always added to the listed price. Approximate material price table is listed under the main table.

What does the abbreviation lm mean? How is a linear meter calculated?

The abbreviation bm (standard meter) is often used in construction. unit.

Expresses the length of one meter of an item or material that may have different set šírku, what they do the use of meters - m2 - impractical.

It is used, for example, to define the length of carpets in rolls, which ; they have different thicknesses, laying of spoons of different thicknesses, cutting of a concrete panel of a certain thickness and so on. It is calculated by measuring the length of the specified measure along the perimeter of the walls or across the horizontally measured unit - room, house, object, land in its vicinity.

How often are work prices updated?

Considering the large part of the published prices are price updated; every 10 - 14 days. The price of labor and material may vary regionally.

Why can't I see the price of some items? What does OPEN/PROFI mean?

This is a paid service. OPEN / PROFI versions unlock the entire calculator (all items) with updated prices. In addition, professional articles with individual construction procedures and the ability to create your own calculations become available. OPEN programs are designed for anyone who wants to get a price estimate for their project. PROFI programs are designed for construction professionals who provide their services to customers and want to send them professional-looking quotes. As professionals, they gain additional features such as custom pricing for each item and many more.

How to unlock LOCKED items?


Can you recommend someone who will do the work well and for these prices?

We do not offer a service for selecting qualified and affordable builders. However, our platform allows you to compare prices of different builders in your area so you can choose the most suitable one yourself. We set construction prices based on the average price in your location. These prices are for informational purposes only and do not take into account individual factors that affect the price of construction work, such as: Expertise of the builder: Experienced and qualified builders typically charge higher prices than less experienced builders. Quality of work: Builders with a good reputation and high quality of work typically charge higher prices. Demand for the builder's services: In regions with high demand for construction services, prices are typically higher. Competitive prices: Builders compete with each other on price, so prices in a given region will be within a certain range. NUMIQ allows you to compare prices of different builders in your area. This allows you to make an informed decision about which builder offers you the best value for money. When choosing a builder, it is important to consider not only the price but also: Expertise and experience of the builder: Make sure the builder has the necessary experience to carry out your project. Quality of work: Read reviews from previous clients of the builder and see examples of their work. Communication and reliability: Make sure the builder can communicate effectively with you and is reliable and meets deadlines. NUMIQ can help you evaluate the price for your project. However, be sure to consider all relevant factors when choosing a builder and not just be guided by price.

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